The Make Up of Construction

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The Make Up Of Construction

Construction is the building of any usable structure by the efforts of:

  1. A building crew
  2. Financial Advisors
  3. Legal Advisors
  4. A group of experts

The building crew is the group of both indoor and outdoor workers involved in making up the design team and labor force. Most of the time, these laborers work on a daily basis; however, their highest demand is in the summer – a seasonal time for outdoor work. Almost all of the planning occurs indoors, while the actual construction of a building occurs outdoors. Both indoor planners and outdoor laborers are the people who transform dreams (gathered from planning) into reality (made from building). Engineers help with planning the work to be performed, reviewing specifications and/or zoning requirements, and drawing out the plan onto a blueprint. A construction company is much more than just a group of planners and laborers however.

Aside from indoor design teams and outdoor laborers, construction companies use the services of financial advisors who help make profitable decisions. Financial advisors budget projects before they’re started, and they continue to budget resources on through to the completion of the job. Found at banks or other financial institutions (if they are not part of the construction companies themselves), financial advisors prevent companies from under-budgeting, over-paying employees, or under-funding the cost of labor and materials. In addition, financial advisers execute financial safeguards and contingency plans, create budget plans, and monitor cash flow and pay-outs for the companies.

To help keep legalities in check, companies employ the use of legal resources. Through external legal resources or within a company’s own legal division, construction companies monitor the laws regarding residential districts, business districts, and sole property owners. As the rules (which govern the manipulation of real estate property) get more and more complicated every day, construction companies consult these legal resources during the planning stage in order to comply with zoning and code requirements. Construction companies review current regulation laws, check for compliance, and seek changes or exemption from current laws.

As you can see, construction requires special skills from different occupations. Even the skills of laborers demand specialization at times and these skills are acquired from specific trade schools or on-the-job training. Laborers are sometimes individually trained to fulfill an unusual request and/or taught how to use the necessary tools to perform a custom job. This special training creates a specific expertise – an expertise used in special circumstances – to fulfill a unique construction request that is out of the ordinary.

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