Full Metal Jacket

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fire rated shanty

Attention construction companies in the New York City area. We have something exceptional to tell you about for your job sites. NYC Shanty is an innovative M/WBE certified company that supplies all metal shanties for construction sites. NYC Shanty is the only company that provides 100% All Metal Knock Down construction shanties and project offices. Our shanties are available for purchase or rental and are multi-purpose. Use as a construction office, storage container, or changing area! Whatever your need. We, are your solution for job site shanties, keeping you and your employees safe!

Enclos is a facade engineering and curtainwall design company with projects all over the country. The firm reached number 4 on our preliminary list this year, and has worked on a number of prominent projects in New York City, including the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, 220 Central Park South and Columbia University’s Jerome L. Greene Science Center. There will be more information about Enclos and the other Top Specialty firms on this year’s list in the November issue of ENR New York.

Why NYC Shanty? Our Shanties are all metal, inside and out. Not Metal Clad, and will not mold or burn. They are also lighter to move around your job site and much faster to assemble that any other shanty available on the market today, best steel available. NYC shanties are built with our patented “Z.Lock” panels, using galvanized steel to achieve its strength, durability and fire proof features. FDNY states that metal shanties as required in the Fire Safety Certificate of Fitness Manual.

As of 2014, we are 100% compliant with the NYC Building Department and FDNY Code 3303.16 that states – “Contractors sheds and offices located within 30 feet (9144 mm) of new construction, existing buildings, or other contractor shed or office shall be made of metal or other noncombustible material”.


Our shanties include a floor and are made of recycled material and are recyclable themselves when your job is finished. They are manufactured in the USA, in fact less than 50 miles from New York City. We can customize your shanty to any size you desire. We are proud to be a stocking distributor of Buckeye Fire Equip.

The Mini-Guard automatic spot protection extinguishers are designed, constructed, and tested to the same engineering standards as our portable fire extinguishers. Available in horizontal or vertical configurations, the units can be charged with multipurpose (ABC) dry chemical or Halotron agents and are fitted with a detection sprinkler head that is rated at 165° F. We can even assist you with temporary lighting for your shanty, as we are proud to be a distributor of Clear-Vu Lighting.

It only takes two people to assemble one of our shanties and they are priced right! We are happy to come by your site with a prototype, you can come by our shop to see a unit, or we can send you to a job site where one of our shanties is fully assembled and in use. Our shanties are presently on many job sites in the NYC area, including the Empire Outlets in Staten Island, Pacific Park and Hudson Yards to name a few. In April 2017 we created a massive 40’ x160′ NYC Shanty on one wall that was used for offices, storage and changing areas on the job at 685 First Ave, NYC.

We are Your Solution for Job Site Shanties, Keeping You and Your Employees Safe!

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