Why Use Us

We are your GO TO company for 100% All Metal Shanties – Inside and Out!

M/WBE Certified Company and Code Compliant. We offer custom shanties to suit your needs and space requirements.

Will Not Mold

Our ALL METAL panels are not porous and do not harbor mold. Mold is a big concern especially on a damp jobsite where your people are confined to small spaces (shanties). Once there is chance for exposure.


Our ALL METAL panels do not burn, they are non combustible per NYC Building Code 3303.16. Flame retardent lumber is “flame retardent” not Non-Combustible, and do not comply with the current codes in most cases, leaving you open to fines and problems with insurance companies.

Will Not Rot

Our ALL METAL galvanized panels will not rot, and will last for reuse over and over.


Our ALL METAL panels are lighter to carry and build, yet mighty strong. Our patented panels meet ASTM E072-02 and ASTM E 564-06. Our testing means our panels have been rated for compression & sheer strength as well as projectiles, you won’t find that on any other shanty.

Priced Right

Our ALL METAL panels save you money in a few ways, as we are priced right, reuseable and they go up in a flash! See our installation video to see how easy it is.

Not Confined to specific shapes and sizes

Our ALL METAL panels come in 2 & 4 foot widths, our door frames are already built in and we can supply panels pre-fit to accommodate windows or AC units (which we stock). We can supply any size shanty you need, from stock sizes of 6 -16 foot wide by any length through whatever you design (think job site office).

We have done units as large as 40×60.

Do not require more than two men to build

It only requires two people, a ladder, a screw gun and of course protective gear to build most sized units.

Compliant with the FDNY Code and The Building Dept.

As mentioned above we are CODE COMPLIANT, taking the guesswork out of whether or not you will be fined or shut down for non compliance.

Why wouldn’t You use a Superior product for your projects?

There is no downside to our product, we are environmentally correct, safe, light weight and tested.

The Most Obvious – We are the only 100% Metal Shanty Inside and Out

The Most Obvious – We are the only 100% Metal Shanty Inside and Out!!