Chapter 33 Revisions: BC 3303.16

3303.16 Contractors sheds and offices.

Contractors sheds and offices located within 30 feet (9144 mm) of new construction, existing buildings, or another contractor shed or office shall be made of metal or other noncombustible material.

Contractor sheds and offices located within a building and protected from weather may use fire retardant treated wood, provided the shed does not exceed one story in height and 120 square feet (36.58 square meters) in area and is at least 30 feet(9144 mm) from another shed.

New Effective Date for the 2014 NYC Construction Codes: December 31, 2014

Burning shanties leads to better construction site safety

Author: Katherine Graham

A knock-down, fire-rated shanty was covered with Sherwin Williams Flame Control Coating and a sprinkler system was used to extinguish the fire. Although the sprinkler system was successful, this particular method would not be feasible on a construction site due to a lack of temporary water sources.

The Catch A Smoker and Fit Pro fire suppressions systems saw successful results in another knock-down, fire-rated shanty.

In attendance were representatives from the New York City Department of Buildings, including Christopher M. Santulli, P.E., Acting Assistant Commissioner of Engineering & Safety Operations and Eugene J. Cocoran, Deputy Commissioner, Regulatory Policy and Enforcement. Chief Thomas Jensen and Battalion Chief Thomas Piggott. FDNY Bureau of Fire Prevention, represented FDNY for the test. Members of the FDNY Fire Academy, Randall’s Island, were available to aid in properly executing the shanty burn.

The New York Fire Safety Academy (NYFSA) provides educational programs for construction industry personnel on fire prevention and fire safety in order to eliminate fires on jobsites and prepare personnel properly in the event of a fire.

NYFSA collaborates with construction managers, the FDNY, the Department of Buildings, and the BTEA to develop the most effective programs. NYFSA also works to research new areas and establish best practices in fire safety and prevention in construction.