Enough Crazy Disasters

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Tough few weeks for everyone in the Southeast and elsewhere

Tough few weeks for everyone in the Southeast—not to mention those in the fire-affected areas of the Northwest and those in the earthquake areas of Mexico! I certainly hope all are safe and thinking about the recovery efforts, which will be huge. Click here for a compilation of post-disaster recovery tips from the Tilt-Up Concrete Association, which coincidentally is still planning to hold its annual convention in Miami Beach starting on Sept. 28.

One interesting thing I’ve been hearing is that part of the problem in Houston was too much concrete. Presumably that implies too much impervious surface that routes all precipitation directly into lakes and streams. More pervious concrete wouldn’t have made much of a difference given the unbelievable amount of rain, but perhaps pervious concrete will get more attention in the days to come as the recovery begins.

Author: Bill Palmer

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