The Construction Industries Massive Labor Shortage – Will It Affect the Growth of America?

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There’s consistent talk about worker shortages. Employers are reporting difficulty hiring qualified workers, and some regional markets have high numbers of job openings unfilled. The United States is facing a critical shortage of construction workers—a shortage so severe that it will impact the growth of our economy, says the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) after its recent survey of 2,200 respondents.
The new survey highlights how construction companies are experiencing difficulty when hiring new workers. Among those surveyed, 80 % of construction firms reported experiencing a hard time filling positions, both hourly and salaried.  All areas of the US will experience an extreme craft worker shortage.

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Bigger construction companies are the first and most likely to make use of technology. Some construction firms are reportedly investing in technology to supplement worker duties. One-half of firms report they are using cutting-edge solutions, including drones, robots and 3-D printers. But it’s not enough. We still need more boots on the ground. Clearly, the labor shortage is a local shortage, not a global one.

For four decades, almost without interruption, people who work for pay have lost ground, and standards of living have declined. A recent international study of income and wealth distribution emphasized the rapidly growing inequality in the United States, contrasting trends in Europe and many other parts of the world. Continuing this course has real risks of political, social, and economic stress and potential catastrophes. The construction industry has a responsibility to respond in a productive way by demonstrating that it provides opportunities for everyone to advance, prosper and succeed. At NYCShanty we invite you to work with us to continue building an industry that is diverse, safe, welcoming, and inclusive for all. #SAFETYONPURPOSE

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