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Modular Construction in the NYC Has Taken “the Center Stage”

There’s a strong global trend in the construction industry toward building more things away from the construction site. Modular/Shanty construction is one approach and the process is rather simple: you start by creating design (whether it be a module, shanty, apartment, business building, and even homes are now starting to be constructed off-site, under controlled conditions. The international construction industry has continued its growth and demand for both temporary and permanent building developments. Right now there are only a handful of buildings in New York City that are of modular construction. If you are having thoughts regarding the process of modular vs traditional construction, refer to the side-by-side comparison in the info-graphic below.

A benefit to off site modular construction is it’s speed that dramatically shortens construction timelines away from the job, while sitework and foundations are simultaneously performed on the site. As mentioned above, construction can be completed in about 50% of the time as traditional construction.  The modular construction market is on course to being a $107.9 billion industry by 2025 . You might ask, “How long do modular buildings last?” and “How durable is modular construction?” These are two frequently asked questions.

The normal life expectancy of various modular building peripherals are:

Departments                            Service Life

Interior finishes                                        =    5 to 10 years
Roofing systems                                      =    20 years
Mechanical systems                                =    20 years
Electrical and plumbing systems          =    25 years
Windows and siding                                =    30 years
Building structure                                    =    25-30 years (temporary); 50+ years (permanent)

Foundations                                              =    Forever

Escape Without Going Far

The Citizen M hotels are designed by Dutch architecture firm Concrete Architectural Associates and are built in a factory in Poland. The modules are roughly shipping container size. The Big Apple is a productive city because demand for new buildings and designs have risen. The cost of construction is skyrocketing, the labor pool is low and the technology of modular design is bettering.
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