Steve Lloyd: Coming Back Stronger and Better

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Our good friend Steve Lloyd, recognized in January as one of the Most Influential People in Concrete Construction , was involved in a serious car accident on his way to the Detroit airport after the recent American Concrete Institute convention. A couple of years ago Steve had back surgery and was a little shaky at times but in Detroit he was in top health and back to his old self, only to have this happen. He apparently fractured a vertebra in his neck and one of his knees when a truck hit the car he was in from behind. His son, Stevie Ray Lloyd, was also injured but not seriously.

Steve Lloyd is one of the most optimistic and enthusiastic people I know, especially when he is talking about finishing concrete. He has been tireless in his effort to extend the ACI concrete finisher certification program to include Tradesmen who have the finishing skills and knowledge but find it difficult to pass a written exam. After the accident, he wrote to assure me that he’s not changing.

“Bill, I’m coming back, stronger and better. I love challenges. Can’t wait to get up, Bill I’ve got some good things going for me. I’ve got Jesus in my heart and an angel on my shoulder and I’m a FINISHER!”

We understand that he has made his way back home to Virginia to recuperate despite being initially told he would have to spend 6 weeks in a Detroit hospital.

Author: Bill Palmer

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