Places To Look For Construction Company Referrals

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Construction Company Referrals

Do you need some major work done around the house, but don’t know where to start or who to ask? When you’re looking for a construction company, it’s a lot like playing the role of a private investigator – checking all possible sources. The big thing is knowing who or where your sources are. Fortunately, you only need to search as far as your own Yellow Pages, neighbors, or grocery store bulletin board.

The Yellow Pages is a book of local businesses and organizations used to quickly locate a well-known construction company in town. Found at the local library or delivered straight to your home from your local telephone company, the Yellow Pages are used to locate a construction company due to its convenience and hundreds of business offers. One strategy to use with the Yellow Pages is to scan the construction company section for a big ad. A large ad tends to indicate that a construction company makes enough money to pay for the advertisement space. A company who can afford such a large advertisement space must get a lot of business – business from satisfied customers that is. Call each company who advertises with a large ad and explain the kind of work you would like done. Don’t forget to ask for a free estimate. If a construction company does not give free estimates, ask how much the company charges for one.

Appropriate for people who live in a tight-knit community, neighborhood referrals are suggestions from others in your community who’ve had similar work done to their home. If you would like to see the results of the work before signing a contract, you may prefer to use a referral rather than pick a random construction company from the yellow pages. Neighborhood referrals are used in order to feel confident about the decision you make in selecting a construction company. When using referrals as a resource, you can visit the homes of neighbors with newly constructed garages, patios, etc., and ask how well the construction company stuck to their contract. If you’ve found a construction company that impressed you, get the phone number of the construction company and schedule an estimate.

Grocery store bulletin boards are another way to find a construction company. They list the services within a community and are used by people who are entering or leaving the grocery store. On your way out of the store, you can take the time to browse the many posts made on the bulletin board. Be aware that there may be many posts to sift through. Some posts have tear off numbers attached to them so that you can tear off the phone number and take it home with you. At home, you can call the construction company to ask for references and/or an estimate.

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