New York City-One of The Greenest Cities in The World

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New York City-One of The Greenest Cities in The World


The construction industry in New York is never standing still; it’s dynamic and constantly in flux. Entire stretches of New York City are giving rise to new and recreated. Like many companies, construction firms continue to adapt to changes in technology, the workforce, and the regulatory environment. NYC’s energy code is aiming to make development greener in the five boroughs.

New York a Sustainable City?

New York is showing the world that the most efficient way towards viable sustainability is through dedicated public policy. We can see the results in the city’s growing number of bike lanes, Citibike bike-sharing stations, the rehabilitation of disused spaces into parks, and many other sustainable-focused developments. New York is right next to Washington, D.C. in terms of having the lowest carbon emissions per person in any US state. Our growing efforts are moving us towards cleaner fuel, which New York City supports through internal changes to its own systems and industries.

Protecting The Water Reservoirs

New York City committed $1 billion to protect its largest municipal water system. New York’s immaculate water supply is backed by science, lots of it. Every day, dozens of scientists collect samples by hand that is tested no less than 600,000 times a year for more than 250 variables, including pollutants. New Yorkers like to brag about their tap water. Not only is it safe to drink, but it has even been called the “champagne of drinking water.”

Protecting The Water Reservoirs



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