All You Need Is Love ~ Jewelry, a Hammer, Drill Bag & Sparkles

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from NYC Shanty

Valentine’s Day is all about sweet romantic clichés like a box of chocolates, heart-shaped candies, and lots of pink and red. We here at NYC Shanty feel, much like Christmas, it is that holiday where old-school tricks never get old. This year 7 million American men, which equals 2% of the population, will get on one knee and make proposals to their women on this day. I hope the answer is “Yes”.

You see, February 14 is an opportune time to celebrate and strengthen more than just your romantic relationships—it’s a great time to honor your business relationships, too. Valentine’s Day and customer appreciation go hand-in-hand. By recognizing our customers during this often-overlooked holiday, we are able to create a happier, more loyal customer base.

Valentine’s Day is a special day and it becomes all the more interesting when you receive gifts and blessings from your loved ones and friends. Then it becomes our turn to show our appreciation and acknowledgment to our families, customers and or their thoughtfulness and love.

NYC Shanty

It’s easy for our business to say, “We Love Our Customers!”

At NYC Shanty we just couldn’t let Valentine’s Day pass by without thanking everyone for being such a great part of our family here at NYC Shanty.. We appreciate you and your business. We love what we do because of customers like you. Hope your day is filled with family, friends and happy moments that become favorite memories.

We look forward to seeing you again soon. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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