Fall In New York City Is One of the Most Incredible Coziest Times of the Season

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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, NYC has been  one of the early epicenters of the pandemic. As we all reawaken to the season ahead, many head outside to watch the leaves change color. Enjoying the chill in the air is reminiscent of putting on your favorite boots and taking a stroll while enjoying a warm cappuccino at a cheerful sidewalk cafe.
After an uncertain six months, elementary students have returned to the classroom. Students taking classes will report to classrooms one to three days per week and learn from home the rest of the time which leaves plenty of opportunity to get out. As reported earlier in a local poll, almost half of families across the city have opted out of physically attending classes for their children.

New Yorkers still are enchanted by the city and are connected to a certain way of living.

No matter how fantastic a relationship is, people don’t want to be on top of each other 24/7, especially when you’re working. Now that there are limitations on opportunities for leaving the house, families are seeking more space. Some people aren’t able to get their work done away from the kids as schools have started the practice of remote learning at home. And for others there just isn’t enough room for an office setup inside. Americans are buying all metal shanties and building backyard sheds to use as home offices.

Here are 5 Easy Tips to Consider when Turning Your Home Workspace into a Productive Office for Greater Success, Ensure Comfort-ability and a Productive Work Day! Make Today Great.

Chair: A high performance chair which has adjustable height, padded cushion and ample support for your lower back. This is the most important piece of a home office. Armrests also help keep your shoulders aligned.

Your desk should be large enough to hold a monitor, keyboard and printer, as well as space for folders and files.

Laptops are great but connect your laptop to a large HD monitor adjusted so that the top of the monitor is slightly below eye level. Use a keyboard and mouse. Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection.

Lighting: Good lighting increases performance.  Use natural light into the room if possible. If not, consider a desk lamp to brighten your space.

Dress for Success: Getting dressed for work is a great way of keeping a focused mind on achieving greater success for the day. Plus, if you receive an unexpected video call from a client or your boss, you will look professional on camera.

Bonus Tip: Research shows brain functions improve with regular activity. Even just strolling around the house for two minutes or checking the mail will increase blood flow to the brain. #SAFETYONPURPOSE

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