What Makes Up A Construction Crew

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What Makes Up A Construction Crew

A successful construction crew is a group of professional laborers that can be put together with a foreman, a maintenance person, separate maintenance crew if needed, and a group of specialized laborers.

The foreman is the leader of the construction crew and performs his or her duties as soon as a working contract is signed. Most successful foremen have a degree in engineering and many years of experience in working with a construction crew. Found within individual labor companies, the foreman runs the construction crew by first reading a set of plans (blueprints) and then determining which tasks need to be completed to meet those plans (usually within a specific time period established by the customer). After making that determination, the foreman then assigns specific jobs to other members of the construction crew. As easy as that may sound, the foreman has a lot of responsibility on his or her head, and must be confident that other members of the construction crew can successfully complete their jobs. In addition, the foreman must fill out a lot paperwork that records the progress of a job and work diligently with its maintenance division to ensure a safe working environment.

The maintenance person of a construction crew is also known as the shop stewardess. The stewardess works before labor begins and of course, during the job. The responsibility of the maintenance person is to make sure that every thing runs smoothly within the construction crew. That means, making sure that all the equipment necessary to complete the job is in place and in good working condition. The maintenance person, or shop stewardess, may also run a separate group of laborers (known as the maintenance crew) which works throughout the progress of a job to maintain a clean environment for the construction crew. Of particular importance to the maintenance person and his or her crew is the safety of the physical laborers.

Found in labor pools all across America, the help wanted ads, or within an independent construction company, laborers are the actual workers who perform the work required to satisfy the customers’ demands and/or the instructions outlined in the foreman’s plans. The laborers follow the specific instructions that the foreman of the construction crew issues and depending on their specialty, they may hammer, pour cement, paint walls and floors, tuckpoint (cement bricks together), hammer shingles together or pour tar on a roof. Others may frame a building, hang drywall, paste stucco, hanging siding, put in plumbing, wire together electrical functions, and more.

Together, the foreman, maintenance person (and accompanying crew if applicable), and group of skilled laborers (concrete crew, painters, tuckpointers, roofers, framers, dry wallers, siders, plumbers, electricians, and more) compile an entire construction crew.



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