So You Want to Work in Construction?

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Construction worker unloading steel beam on scaffolding

Being a construction worker is NOT for everyone. The toll this job demands from the human body can be quite daunting for a person with a “regular” physique. Endurance, stamina and strength are needed to be able to succeed in construction work, especially those positions which are considered “hard hat,” jobs. These demand actual onsite physical labor. If your body isn’t built for lots and lots of manual work, then don’t look for a construction job. There are other opportunities available for you which won’t be as hazardous to your health.

But if you have the body and the drive to work under the sun for the hottest hours of the day or even freezing temps, carrying immeasurable accumulated weight from one end of the job site to another, braving scary heights and doing a variety of exhausting tasks that will drain you of every bit of your energy, then a construction job may be perfect for you.

One thing you should keep in mind about construction jobs is that they are considered as high risk occupations.

The first and most obvious danger with construction jobs are the dangers to your health. You’ll be dealing with safety hazards every day. In a study conducted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) board, it has been determined that there are over a thousand deaths from construction-related work per year, almost 250,000 cases of injuries, and almost $13,000,000,000 lost to the worker’s compensation fund during the same period. These statistics are certainly reasons for alarm, and a clear warning for those in our industry to take some extra protections to stay safe.

There are four main categories of hazards in construction jobs; falls, electrocution, entrapment between objects, and being struck by objects. Because of the these well documented dangers, you might find some difficulty procuring a life insurance policy, as insurance companies consider construction jobs to be high risk. In the event that you do procure a life insurance policy, it would come at a higher priced premium than normal.

You might also find difficulty securing some financial loans. Lending institutions also consider construction jobs as high risk occupations which may possibly affect negatively your ability to pay off the loan in a timely manner.

But the benefits you are entitled to from a construction job aim to combat these multiple consequences. Those employed in the construction industry are allocated a higher compensation fund in the event of work-related injuries that would disable them from doing their jobs and earning a living. This also covers the death of a construction worker. Compensation funds for construction jobs /workers are among the highest in any industry.

Don’t become discouraged if this is your job of choice! How many professionals in other industries can point at the brand-new hospital in town and say, “I helped build that”? Whether it’s a road, a home, a sewage system or a school, the things you build matter to the people in your community. So forget those boring 9 – 5 cubicle jobs — every construction site brings new, interesting challenges and you will definitely avoid job stagnation that leads to burnout.

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