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Jobsite Shanties

Construction in New York City is big business, and it is happening everywhere you turn in 2018. To give you an idea just how much construction is going on in The Big Apple, the Department of Building (DOB) issued a whopping 168,233 construction permits, both high- and low-rise—across the five boroughs in 2017!

Why should General Contractors use NYC Shanty on their job sites? Year after year, NYC Shanty company stays 100% compliant with the NYC Building Department and FDNY Code 3303.16 that states – “Contractors sheds and offices located within 30 feet of new construction, existing buildings, or another contractor shed or office shall be made of metal or other noncombustible material” – “Build shanties or contractor sheds with fire-retardant or non-combustible materials and locate them in safe areas”, NYC Building Code 3303.1.3.

We feel we are the very best in the business, and here is why. Our shanties are constructed of metal, not metal clad, which is allowed in NYC but we do not offer it. Our shanties will never mold or burn. The steel studs we use have been prevalent in the construction industry for well over 50 years with a proven track record in commercial construction. Our shanties specs have exceeded those required by law, and they are relatively lightweight and can be moved around your job site easily or taken to another site. Assembly is faster than any other shanty available on the market today, and NYC shanties are built with our patented “Z.Lock” panels, using galvanized steel to achieve its amazing strength, durability and fire proof features. FDNY codes strictly state that metal shanties are required in the Fire Safety Certificate of Fitness Manual.

Pricing for our “must have” construction site shanties vary by size, but is always reasonable, especially if you factor in labor savings and the ability to move our shanty from site to site! You are not confined or limited to specific shapes and sizes either, so get creative and make your shanty in the size and shape best suited for your job site and purposes. Count on us to get you exactly what you need, when you need it, at the best prices possible. We have a reputation for quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Our dedicated staff will provide you with personalized services.

At NYC Shanty we are aware that construction site safety affects everyone on the job. Our industry motto is “Safety on Purpose” and we believe it is reflected in the safety record of our shanties on NYC job sites for many years. So many job sites are safer and more comfortable during NYC’s hot summers and freezing winters because a NYC Shanty was there to protect management and workers on the job! We feel great about that, and look forward to our next new or returning clients each and every day. Please contact our company for detailed information about our products.

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We are Your Solution for Job Site Shanties, keeping you and your employees safe!

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