Green Construction

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What are the latest trends in the construction industry today? “Green Construction” is one of the newest trends being brought to the forefront of builders worldwide. Ecological sensitivity is more important than ever before, making this a trend we can all support, embrace and appreciate.

Green Construction is a rapidly growing field in the building industry. More and more building plans are incorporating “green technology” into the construction process. Green Construction is a way of building projects in an environmentally responsible and more resource-efficient way. From planning to design, to construction, maintenance, and demolition and disposal, every area is covered. These methods aren’t that different from the classic building methods since the economy, utility and durability are all important facets of the process as well. These methods are simply smarter! Working within the laws of safety is always paramount too.

Not surprisingly, the construction industry accounts for about 20% of harmful global emissions. However, with crumbling buildings and an ever expanding population, there will always be the need for more buildings. By constructing environmentally friendly buildings and focusing on the longevity of those newly built structures, it is certainly better for the environment in the long term…and isn’t that what it is all about?

Along with Green Construction methods, there is an increase in research into ecologically smarter projects and materials. There are carbon scrubbing building facades (which is the process of removing carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere and storing it), bricks made of recycled cigarette butts, thermally driven air conditioners and asphalt that will heal itself. Asphalt that heals itself; if there is a pothole for example when the asphalt is heated that damaged spot can be reformed and filled in quickly with little or no added material. This increase in green technology is part of the construction industry trends that will continue, and are efforts that should have been started a long time ago.

More construction industry trends that have come to light in 2019 are better safety equipment products across the board. With the rise in new smarter equipment, there will also be a rise in standards. Due to the historically high number of accidents and deaths related to construction, it’s clear that there will always be a push for better safety equipment.

There are work boots that can connect to Wi-Fi, send their GPS coordinates, and can even tell if users have fallen or are just tired. While smart boots are still hard to find today, they and products like them will eventually be a commonplace item on the job site. Drones are more common today and used along with other surveying equipment on a regular basis. It is easier to see the entire job site from the air, and the real time visual could even spot a serious problem and perhaps save a life in an emergency. It is certainly time for a new era in construction safety, based on technology and the ability and wherewithal to use it to the best of our advantage.

The marriage of Green Construction and Smart Safety Equipment shows how the construction industry is staying abreast of the demands of today. Cost increases will have to be absorbed by both buyers and builders, but it is all worth the extra cost as they relate to the future generations that will inherit what we leave behind.

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