Five Boroughs Construction Expected to Keep Rising in 2021

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A new holiday Outlook report that shows the influx in construction has kept workers and owners busy and at bay this holiday season. Although, you might be able to keep those noisy  jackhammers toned down but workers are still showing up at the job site with the necessary safety CDC measures: mask, gloves and proper distancing. This brings us back to keeping us all safe and warm while in the workplace or on the job site. It is crucial for workers to stay hydrated during the winter and should carry hot water in a thermos to sip during the day. Drinking warm water instead of cold will help keep up the body’s temperature.
In the cold months to come, NYCShanty’s patented  “Z-Lock” interlocking panels will become something of a present themselves. They are insulated and keep the cool air outside while you and the crew are working long hours keeping toasty warm inside. Our patented “Z-Lock “ panels are made of galvanized steel which contributes to the design while also maintaining strength to the shanties structure  and durability. The patented technology is Non-Combustible per NYC Building Code 3303.16. And let’s not lose focus on the topic of keeping warm and safe these holidays here is a previous blog post on How New York City Construction Workers Handle The Fierce Winter Weather Conditions#SAFETYONPURPOSE

NYC Shanty is a cutting edge company Manufactured In the USA, that supplies the top construction companies and developers in New York City with the number one consumer rated all metal shanty. Our product has been tested and rated for compression & sheer strength as well as projectiles, you won’t find that on any other shanty. The panels are so easy to install that just two people can set up the entire structure. All panels come in 2 & 4 foot widths, and our door frames are built turn key ready. A/C window units are available upon request, additional fees apply. We stock window units. All shanties are available for purchase or rental and are multi-purpose. Our shanties include a floor and are made of recycled material.

We are proud to be this year’s stocking stuffer distributor of Buckeye Fire Equipment.

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