Drones In Construction: Monitoring Work Site Safety From Above Saving Money, Lives & Improving Conditions

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In today’s world of technology and AI advancement, drones have become the newest go to tool for the construction industry. From the beginning of a project to the end, drones are gathering fully detailed information of the construction site. They are capturing aerial images and on site activity that is for making surveys, topographical maps and 3D models. Drones rely on highly accurate GPS systems and the readings are faster and precise compared to data being collected by ground crews.

The visual data collected by drones provides the construction company with a better understanding of the entire job site before they begin. This data shows change in elevation, poor drainage areas and other circumstances that can help determine the best places to build, dig, or stockpile materials. Drones have the ability to capture close-up imaging that is very detailed. Which is most of the time not possible with a photographer on the ground. Drones provide a safer solution than taking pictures from on top of a crane or building. And forget about the cost of hanging out of a helicopter to get a shot.

There are 4 major types of drones that are used in the construction industry:

Multi Rotor Drones.
Fixed Wing Drones.
Single Rotor Helicopter.
Fixed Wing Hybrid VTOL.

Can Drones Make Construction Safer? Exploring the Role of Drones and Survey Data Accuracy.

Drones are equipped with downward-facing sensors, such as RGB, multispectral, thermal or LIDAR, and they can capture a great deal of aerial data in a short time. Drones can also take images from multiple angles. Recently, drone use in the construction industry has skyrocketed to over 239% increase.

Construction companies are already starting to use drones in a major way, but this is just the beginning. Over the next few years, drones will be used more and more for construction work. Drone technology and software will continue to develop, with continued improvements in automation that will continue to help companies get the visual data they need even more quickly, at a lower and lower cost. Drones are changing the way construction companies do business, helping them coordinate teams more efficiently, track progress more regularly, and complete projects faster with less waste.

So, what’s behind this massive push for drone technology? Drones are cost-efficient advances in technology that can help construction companies find ways to save money and ensure the safety of their workers, particularly during the pre-construction phase. Hard to reach areas are no longer a problem or safety hazard for workers. The day is coming when no one says, Hey look up, it’s a drone. All with the help of a little olé’ camera. And remember #SAFETYONPURPOSE

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