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Chapter 33 Revisions: BC 3303.16
December 2014; Building Codes are Changing…
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3303.16 Contractors sheds and offices. Contractors sheds and offices located within 30 feet (9144 mm) of new construction, existing buildings, or another contractor shed or office shall be made of metal or other noncombustible material”
“Since 2008, the Department has enacted more than 25 new laws designed to increase safety at construction sites.”
NYC DOT HYWY SEC. 2-05 PG.24Placement of shanties or trailers on the street.

  1. A permit shall be required to place a construction shanty, trailer, or similar structure on the street.
  2. Placement of shanties or trailers is subject to the same restrictions as the placement of equipment.
  3. Construction shanties or trailers shall be placed within the storage area provided for construction materials.
  4. Shanties trailers shall be removed from the street when the building structure first floor level is covered by a roof, second floor slab, unless otherwise directed by the Commissioner.
  5. Use of a shanty or trailer anywhere on a street as a renting or sales office shall be prohibited.
  6. No lettering or symbols shall be placed on a shanty or trailer except for the name and telephone number of the contractor.The shanty or trailer shall be lighted or have reflectorized striping on the exterior.

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